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Come with us on a journey where the only things you need to bring is passion, love and critical thought... Now imagine a world where all that is gone…where culture, art and passion ceases to exist and a system decides your fate.
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Regain to Reign: The Good Fight is a story about a young woman named Andy who rediscovers passion and culture to save her world from a system designed to destroy the natural law.

Set in a post apocalyptic time, in a place called the community, 18-year-old Andy is forced to live without culture, passion and critical thought because those characteristics are considered a detriment to society. With the help of her friend Josiah and a group of Secret Keepers, Andy uncovers the mystery as to why suspicious activity is happening in the Community. Andy discovers that her humanity and the humanity of her people is being threatened and only she has the key to unlock their future. A purposeful quest has been bestowed upon Andy and her peers and they must get to the bottom of the secrets that lie within the Community and herself. Through rediscovering passion, culture and nature, Andy unleashes a deep strength that prepares her for the good fight.



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