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New Show - Frozen Planet

March 20th 2012 | 9:00am

A great new show started on the Discovery Channel called 'Frozen Planet'. It's a short series that was filmed at the Earth's most polar regions; the Arctic (North) and the Antarctic (South). The show gives an in-depth look at the extensive landscape that makes up these regions and the animals and species which inhabit these areas. There are so many moments that have never been caught on camera before so this show is a must watch!

Frozen Planet is visually stimulating but it's also an eye opener too. Nature really is something special,and as humans we don't have much control over it but our lifestyles do have an impact on it. The warming climate plus the vulnerability of the Arctic and Antarctic is causing changes to natural cycles that take place in these areas, which is affecting not only the animals that live there but the rest of the world too. Did you know that the Antarctic Ice Cap contains 75% of the worlds fresh water. Crazy! Point being - we need to preserve these fragile areas.

Overall, this show really brings to life the unimaginable. You can learn a lot of cool things. I would definitely suggest watching it. Click here for more information Discovery Channel Canada.


Here's a video of Adelie Penguins in the Antarctic playing tricks on each other, after that there are lots of pictures. Enjoy!


Icebergs in the Antarctic

I think it's hungry...

Mount Erebus-the worlds most southernly volcano. Crystals form on the inside from the mixing of the warm and cool air.

A Northern Canadian Wolf




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