Music Submissions

NXE is opening its #NextVoice Track Player to all music genres. The #NextVoice player features artists who are unique and trendsetting. The player features videos or audio and information about the track which includes artist's bio, links, content collaborators, etc. Featured artists also have a higher chance to work with NXE in other capacities such as music distribution, live performances, music publishing, brand management/marketing/promotion and acting.


Successful submissions will be selected based on musical skill, creativity and quality. Since we focus on music with a message, please send us music that elevates your voice as an artist. See guidelines below...



Submission Guidelines

Email submissions to:


In your email submission please include:


- A short bio (No more than 50 words)

- Content collaborators (Music producers, songwriters, master/mixed by, video filmed by, etc.)

- Links to platforms where viewers can learn more about you and your work (website, social media, etc.)

- A high quality photo that represents you and your single.


- Submissions should not exceed five (5) minutes in length.

- If you are submitting a video, please submit the url link to your video.

- If you are submitting audio, please submit a link to your music. Do not send files... if your music is selected, then we will ask you for a mp3 file for the selected song.


- By submitting your work to NXE, you acknowledge that you have the authority and rights for your work, and no other permission is required to grant such rights to post your work.

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