Keeping Creativity Alive


Life with no direction takes you on a ride

Twist and turns beyond what's expected - life at random, it's a drive by

How do you deal with it?

Sit back and wish for a purpose?

Or attack it head on with ambition, take control of this circus


Everyday there's a battle, there's no substance anymore

People are so caught up in winning the battle, they are losing site of the war


Stuck in a trance between what's right and what society has in store for me

So afraid of losing my dignity

I can't take it, how things have become

In between two worlds, life can be so lonesome


So what do we do, stop dreaming about the world in living colour?

Or pursue the journey, the alchemist, in gold armor


Torn in a world where life is so shallow

Looking for a word that isn't so hollow

Digging, searching, hoping and praying, there has to be a sign that will keep me believing


Death of dreams is a concept I'm willing to explore

Before all is standard and creativity is no more


This is a reflection of our show 'Regain to Reign' and one of the reasons why we do what we do. For more information on this show click here


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