The Journey to Regain to Reign

Regain to Reign started as an idea like all NXE projects. An ambitious, new idea where the team could take the concept of a live concert/showcase and turn it into an artistic piece using different art forms such as music, dance, film, digital art, etc to tell a story about an alarming issue our young people are facing. The issue: Death of Dreams…yes, they went that deep…what NXE means by this concept is ‘the idea of taking a leap of faith and risking failure to make the world a better place the best way you know how’, having the courage to be your unique self and following your intuition/heart.


Step 1: Creating the script


To set the direction of the show, Monique Julieanna wrote the script, which became the foundation for all the art forms coming together to tell the story. The story is a sci-fi about a country governed by a system where individuality is a burden to society. Scientists have developed a chip, where implantation is mandatory on your 18th birthday. The benefits of the chip: it makes you a super being…sickness is no longer an issue and your intelligence and physical strength is above average. Large corporations continue to invest in research to enhance this chip and creativity ceases to exist. Right before their 18th birthday a group of creative young people fear their fate and fight to change their destiny.


Monique Julieanna (MJ), Lisa Alli, Farah Rodrigues, Juice Jones


Step 2: Auditions


NXE auditioned music producers, song writers/lyricists, singers, rappers, spoken word artists, dancers, visual artists, digital animators, compositing artists, DJ’s, video editors, actors and web developers from across the Greater Toronto Area.


The talent that made the final cut:

Barry Felipe (music producer-incorporating his Dubstep flare with hiphop and Rnb and he’s also NXE’s DJ), Spencer ‘Moose’(music producer – specializing in hiphop and Rnb with a current modern twist which really spoke to the robotic theme of the show), Abaddon (music producer and audio engineer – specializing in hiphop and Rnb, creating beats for 5 of the 13 songs for the Regain to Reign soundtrack including Freedom and Never Gonna Stop)

Barry Felipe, Spencer 'Moose', Abaddon


Lisa Alli (recording artists/performer and sings on 5 songs), LolaBunz (performer and lyricist for 2 songs), Adam Martin (recording artists/performer and sings on 5 songs), Juice Jones (performer and lyricist for 2 songs), B-Nyce (recording artist) and Scott Brown (wrote 10 of the 13 songs) went through a lengthy and intensive audition process. After hours in rehearsals and in the recording studio they brought the music portion of the project to life.

(Top)Lolabunz, Lisa Alli, Daniel, Scott Brown, Adam Martin, Juice Jones (Bottom) Erin Burgess, Bansuk Wolf, Raoul, Nigel


Erin Burgess and the Moon Runners (Daniel, Nigel and Raoul) were the successful dancers and were the perfect mix of contemporary and urban/animation to help bring the story to life. Bansuk Wolf, visual artist who painted live during the show.


Actors included Dana Jeffrey, Jacqui Compayre, Scott Brown, Juice Jones, LolaBunz, Erin Burgess and Bansuk Wolf. The visual digital team included: Scott Brown (video editor and directed scenes for the film aspect of the show), Akheem Brady (digital animation) and Peter Rahul (compositing artists and special effects).


Step 3: Show time!


100’s of young people gathered into the TIFF Bell Lightbox cheering and even showed their creative side on stage with the help of NXE’s very own MC Dayne (Dynasty) Habbib who hyped up the crowd and reinforced the message. Welcome to The Next Edition 2013 ‘Regain to Reign’ – stay tuned...



After a year of non-stop work and ridiculously long hours an idea came to life!


Congrats to the team for pulling this project off and paving the road for something new. That is what NXE is all about…it is the platform for what’s next!


Special thanks to the people behind the scenes: Brittnee Habbib - talent relations, Farah Rodrigues - event coordinator, Jessica Merrigan (Web Developer) and Dalton Tennant - Creative Director. Also thanks to The Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth for supporting this project!



‘Hard work pays off and we did it! – Regain to Reign, Lolabunz’


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