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Brittnee is a former National and All American Gymnast who competed for Canada for 5 years. She travelled internationally and represented Canada in large competitions such as the Commonwealth Games in Australia; the Pan Am Games in Brazil and The World championships in Denmark.
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Brittnee received a full scholarship to the University of Nebraska where she majored in Communication Studies and double minored in French and Sociology. Returning back to her hometown, Toronto, Brittnee stays active with her training and has recently earned a role in a gymnastics Movie. Brittnee is now a content producer and continues her "on screen" gigs. Brittnee coaches competitive gymnastics, and works for a youth Media Company called The Next Edition.

For most of Brittnee’s life she was a national gymnast, therefore her competitive nature always allows her to strive for the best. Brittnee has worked on many large projects with The Next Edition (NXE) and her love for producing grows larger each day. Having a major in Communication Studies and a double minor in French and Sociology, Brittnee’s interpersonal skills are one of her highest strength. It takes a team to make anything work well; Brittnee hopes to be a part of a large scale team that can change people’s life for the better.

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Follows Brittnee's journey and see how she goes from a high performance gymnast to an even higher performing citizen. Experience all her trials and tribulations on her path to self discovery, living the 'Good Life' and living life with purpose. Read more

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