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Who we are

The Next Edition (NXE) is a Toronto based production company and collective that produces and publishes music, digital media and live productions. NXE's content is available for you to take in online or Live! NXE’s fresh and creative content entertains, educates and inspires the next generation. NXE believes that creativity lies within and that dreams are real!


NXE started as an idea in 2011 when NXE's founder, Monique Julieanna brought together a group of creative, socially conscious young people with a passion for media and art who believed in the importance of following your dreams. The purpose for the collective was to put on an one-time music concert called "Inspired by change, powered by voice". The goal for the concert was to bring awareness to the elections and get young people (the audience) interested in voting, creativity and thinking critically. The success of the concert, propelled NXE into a unique concept, which helped NXE develop into a company with a creative model that is always current and always striving for what’s NEXT!


What we do

  1. Produce content such as music, digital media and live shows. Get tickets to our latest Live MovieConcert production Regain to Reign: The Good Fight
  2. Publishes and distributes music
  3. NXE's Next Level Apparel is a clothing brand that encourages young people to follow their dreams, to have the courage to risk failure and to take ideas to the next level
  4. NXE features creative risk takers through NXE's #NextVoice or Next Profiles
  5. NXE is always on the look out for new creative talent that we can support and develop. #JoinTeamNXE

NXE's vision is to create a lifestyle that promotes critical thought, keeping creativity alive, following dreams and taking ideas to the next level.


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